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How to register for a class

Note: You must enable your pop-up blocker when using the student portal to avoid session expiration issues. Please refer to our tutorial on enabling your pop-ups if you need help.

    1. Use your student portal username and password to log in at
    2. After you have logged in, click “Change” in the top right corner (under your name) to change the current term.
    3. From the drop-down, select the term for which you wish to register classes. 
  1. From the Administrative Services section of your left-hand menu, click “Degree Audit Options.
  2. Next you will be asked to select an option from the drop-down menu. Choose My Degree Audit to see which courses needed to complete your program.
  3. After you have reviewed the courses you need to take, click “Registration” in the Administrative Services section of your left-hand menu.
  4. The Unofficial Registration page will open and you will see all courses being offered in the chosen semester. You may click “Show Filter” to narrow the results.
  5. Courses that you are qualified to register for have a checkbox labeled “Credit” in the far left column. Click this checkbox for the courses you wish to register for.

    You may see some other codes next to classes:
    • PreReq – Prerequisites for this course have not been met
    • DegAudit – The course is not listed in the student’s degree audit
    • Class is Full – This class is at capacity; no additional registrations will be accepted
    • Reg – The student is already registered for this course
    • FacAppReq – The student must have permission from the academic advisor to register for this course; only the academic advisor can enter the registration
  6. After you have selected all of the courses you wish to register for, click the green “Process Registration” button.
  7. After you have clicked “Process Registration,” you will be taken to the Unofficial Registration Checkout page which displays your course schedule. You may print your schedule by clicking the printer icon in the top right corner of the page.
  8. You may now pay your tuition and fees by selecting My Ledger from the Administrative Services menu. You may also visit the Accounting Office to make an in-person payment. Click here for instructions for paying online.

    Note: Talk to your academic advisor if you have any course-related questions (some courses require you to complete a prerequisite course prior to registration). You may contact your advisor or the DSO if you have questions about the number of online courses you may take as an on-campus student.

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