Hardware Protection Policy


University computer lab facilities are considered to be study areas. All activities which disrupt, attempt to disrupt, or support the disruption of a study environment will not be tolerated and corrective action will be taken. Eating and drinking are not permitted in computer labs because such actions can result in personal injury and/or can pose a threat to the computing equipment or damage IT property. This policy applies to all staff, faculty, students, and University guests entering VIU and using its lab facilities.
Hardware and IT equipment issued to staff, faculty, or students by the university is also subject to this policy. This includes laptops, printers, copy machines, overhead projectors, tablets, desktop computers, and all other pieces of IT equipment that is considered property of VIU.

General Rules

No food, drink, gum, or tobacco is permitted in the VIU computer labs. Any food or drink must be left outside the lab in designated areas or concealed in a backpack or other bag while in the lab. Food or drink that is concealed may not be consumed while inside the lab facilities. Any individual found consuming food or drink in the lab may be asked by an IT Department staff or student staff to discard the item(s) immediately. Refusing to comply or arguing with university staff will result in suspension of the individual’s lab privileges.
For the protection of personal life and computer lab facilities, the following rule of punishment is provided and must be followed:
Lab users in violation of this policy for the first time will be given verbal and electronic (campus email) warnings.  If the same person continues to violate the policy, he/she will receive a second warning and will be charged $25. For the third and all future violations, the person will be charged $30. These fees will be assessed on the student’s account and can result in inability to register for classes or receive other services if the balance is not paid. Staff and faculty violators’ fines may be assessed on the violator’s paycheck.
In order to inform students and omit the likelihood of any hazards and/or injuries, labs should be conspicuously marked and a warning sign posted:

  No Food or Drink Allowed in Lab.
Violation will result in:
1st   Offense – Written Warning
2nd Offense -$25.00 Fine
3rd and Future Offenses - $30.00 Fine

Damage to University Property

It is strictly prohibited to deface IT facilities and/or to misuse the computing equipment. All individuals are prohibited from taking any action that may cause damage to such property including, but not limited to, moving equipment, unplugging equipment, or breakage by any means. The IT hardware and computer labs are private property of Virginia International University and any damage to IT property as a result of violation of this policy will carry financial penalty equal to the cost of repair or replacement of such property as a consequence for all offenders.