IT Services Policies

VIU computing facilities are used by departments, offices, and faculty members for a number of purposes. This creates a complex environment for providing a reliable, useful facility for all involved. Pieces of software added into the environment become part of an integrated system the IT Department must maintain. For this reason, there are a number of policies regarding software requests and installation.

Addressing Misuse by Users

Failure to comply with requests from appropriate university officials to discontinue activities that threaten the operation or integrity of computers, systems, or networks will result in disciplinary action. (Please refer the appropriate use policies for more details.)

Requests for Support

Most requests for support (troubleshooting, installation of tools, etc.) should be entered into VIU’s help desk ticketing system. Urgent requests (such as system failure or inability to connect to the network) may be directed to the IT Department via telephone or in person.

Software Support

Departments wanting updates to software they have purchased must make requests through the IT Department. The IT Department must be provided with the proof of purchase of any non-free updates before the update will be installed. Departments may request updates to IT Department-purchased software; such requests will be evaluated. Such requests must also be submitted via the help desk four weeks before the start of the semester.

Software Maintenance

The IT department will maintain the original installation of software for one academic year from its initial installation or until the license expires, whichever occurs first. Software packages must be retested after each semester as new software, hardware, or operating systems may be installed. The IT Department will notify the department of any new conflicts and make all efforts to resolve those conflicts. If unavoidable conflicts arise, the IT Department will work with the affected department to find the best solution. The IT Department will not provide students, faculty, or staff with technical support for software not purchased by the IT Department. This means that instructors intending to use department-requested software are expected to be proficient in said software; the IT Department will not provide training, support, or documentation for software not purchased by the IT Department.