What is spyware?

Spyware is any type of technology that collects and transmits information about a person or their browsing, usually for advertising purposes. Think of it as someone looking over your shoulder and writing down everything you see and do.

What does spyware do?

Spyware is most commonly installed as a component of freeware and shareware applications. Spyware covertly accesses your computer, secretly transmitting information about your online activity or data stored on your computer.
Some malicious types of spyware make changes to your computer that can cause your computer to slow down or crash.

Do I have it?

You might have spyware or other unwanted software if:

  • You see pop-up advertisements even when you're not on the Web
  • Your browser's homepage or settings have changed
  • There is a new toolbar in your Web browser
  • Your computer feels slower than usual
  • Your computer crashes more often


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