Publish your Video in YouTube

Uploading to YouTube requires for you to have a YouTube account. You can use your VIU campus email address to login into YouTube account.
Here are the steps to upload a video in YouTube from SOM:

  1. Click on Publish to YouTube
  2. To upload a recording to YouTube you must first give a “Title and “Description
  3. You can add “Tags” and choose a YouTube “Category
  4. Next you can choose the “Privacy” setting for this video on YouTube
    1. Make video PUBLIC: means the video is viewable by anybody and it will show up in search results as well as in your public feed of videos for all to see
    2. Make video PRIVATE: means the video is only viewable by you when you’re logged in with your account on YouTube
    3. Make video UNLISTED: means the video is viewable by anybody who has the URL
  5. You can also add “Captions” from a text file by clicking on the “Add Captions File….” link
  6. Only “Pro Account” users can change the “Side Bar” settings
  7. There are a few other “Options” we can set by clicking on the “Show Advanced Options” link
    1. You can set if you want the “mouse cursor”, “click” or “halo” to be displayed in the upload
    2. You also have the option of “removing the audio or webcam” if there was one recorded
  8. Finally you can enter the username and password for your YouTube account. Your account information is sent to YouTube directly. Please see below on how to link your YouTube account using VIU Campus email.

Tutorial Video

For tutorial video on how to upload to YouTube, please click here.

Linking your YouTube account to SOM

To create your YouTube account, please follow the instructions:

  1. Click on “Add Account
  2. Following message will appear
    Add YouTube Account Message
  3. Click on “Launch Web Browser
  4. Your default web browser opens and will prompt for username and password
  5. Enter your VIU Campus email username and password.
    Full Username
    Note: Please enter your full email address as username including
  6. Once you are logged in, following message appears
    Grant Access
  7. Click on “Grant Access
  8. You will be redirected to SOM with a pop-up window
  9. Click on “Continue”. You can check on “Remember on this computer” for future use