Lime Survey

Getting started

  1. Log in to the survey system using your login and password.
  2. Choose your preferred language.
  3. To change your password, click the  at the top of the page, choose your name from the list, and then click the .
  4. By clicking your username at the top of the page, you can change your language preferences, the date format, and more.

Create a Survey

  1. Start creating your survey by clicking the Add.png.
  2. When the survey screen loads, set the language, create the name of the survey, add a description, and add a greeting message and contact information of the survey administrator. Save your survey to begin adding questions.

    NOTE: If you want to edit any of these settings later, you can do so by clicking the “Survey Properties” button.

  3. There are both essential and optional portions of your survey. The essential pieces include: a name, a minimum of one question group, and a minimum of one question. The following are option elements: possible answers to each question, modifiable labels (known as label sets), conditions that regulate if a question is appropriate to be asked, etc.

    NOTE: It is required that every question is a part of one (and only one) group. Groups can be created to organize the logic of the questions, a common topic, pages on the screen, etc. Every question group has a title and, if you desire, a description.

  4. The number of questions that can be created is not limited. Questions consist of the actual question text and the acceptable form of answer.

Tutorials and More Help

Below are several video tutorials for creating your own survey:

Managing Surveys

Testing and Activating a Survey

  1. After you have created your survey, you may test it by clicking the “Test the Survey” button.
  2. Make sure that you validate the survey’s logic and that nothing will go wrong while your responders are running the survey. You are able to get more detailed information by visiting the LimeSurvey Manual’s Show Logic File.
  3. After you have tested your survey and made the necessary changes, activate the survey by clicking the “Activate this Survey” button. If you cannot see the button, then you need to verify that you have at least one group and one question.

    NOTE: After you have activated your survey, you can modify the text of the questions, answers, survey, etc., but you cannot change the type of question or the type of answer. You are also not able to add or delete questions or answers.

  4. If you choose to deactivate a survey which has not yet expired, the responses will be moved to a backup table and participation information will be lost; however, in this case you can add new questions and groups and adjust survey parameters.

Reviewing Survey Responses

  1. When the survey is activated, you can review responses by clicking the “Responses & Statistics” button and then the “Browse” screen.
  2. To view a definite response, click on the ID number. Here you will also be able to edit or delete a response. You can add a new response, get a summary of responses, or filter responses. To learn more about response statistics, click here.
  3. It is highly recommended that you export the responses and save the file. You may do so by clicking the “Responses & Statistics” button and then the “Browse” screen. Next, choose one of the three available options to export results. Make sure to save the results on your computer.

Invite Groups to Participate in a Survey

  1. If you want to invite groups of people to participate in your survey, track who has completed the survey, and make sure that each person has completed the survey only one time, you can use the tokens feature.
  2. To activate tokens, click on the “Token Management” button. On the token summary screen, click on “Add New Token Entry” and make sure you have added all of the people you want to participate in the survey. After that, generate tokens by clicking “Generate Tokens.”
  3. Send invitations to the group of people you added by clicking “Send Email Invitation.” To learn more, please click here.

Set an Expiration Date and Close a Survey

  1. To set an expiration date for your survey, click “Survey Properties.” Next, select “General Settings” and choose the section “Publication & Access Control.”
  2. To deactivate a survey, click the “Stop This Survey” button from the administration panel.

    NOTE: There are two ways for a survey to close: by expiration or by deactivation. It is highly recommended that surveys are given expiration dates.

  3. If you accidentally deactivate a survey and need to activate it again, click on the “Import an Answers from a Deactivated Survey Table” button in the “Browse Responses” screen. Choose the source table and then click “Import.”

Set Up a Recurring Survey

  1. There is the option to make your survey recur. To do so, do not activate your survey. Export the responses so you will be able to compare former response sets with new ones.
  2. From the data browsing menu, click “Iterate Survey.”
  3. Requirements for a recurring survey include:
    1. The survey should be closed; only tokens can be used to participate.
    2. The survey cannot use anonymous answers. This setting cannot be changed after you set it when creating the survey, so be careful to use the appropriate settings during survey creation.
    3. The survey must use token-answer persistence. You can change this setting by clicking “Survey Properties” in the survey administration panel. In general settings, click “Tokens” and then choose “Yes” and save.
  4. To learn more about iterating surveys, click here.