Connecting to VIU Wireless Internet

Wireless Access Points are located in all three campus buildings. Follow these steps to get access to the wireless interenet:

  • Turn on your wireless card so it is blinking and receiving signals
  • Open the program associated with your wireless card. You can usually find an icon in the lower right hand corner on your task bar (either a Microsoft icon or the icon for your wireless card manufacturer). Once the program has started, make sure you have"VIUStudent" and "VIUGuest" listed as a wireless network.
  • Double click on "VIUStudent" and "VIUGuest". You will be asked for the pass-phrase or key.
  • Enter the key. (Ask at Front Desks.)
  • Next start your internet browser and you should be able to access the Wireless Network at VIU.
  • After following the above steps and you are still unable to connect to the internet, please contact us.